Honoring the fallen USCT

Oct. 20, 2023

Sisters of Julia Dent Grant Tent #16 joined the Sons of the Grant camp and many others in Rembering the fallen  men of the 56 USCT at the memorial in Jefferson Barracks National Military Cemetary. 

daughters 1

                            Pictured are Valerie's granddaughter, Sister Dana Joines, Sister Pat Baehr, Sister Valerie Fusselman, Sister Chris Kapeller, and Sister Sharon Michael



At our October Meeting we Initiated three new members

October 7, 2023



Oct initiation new members

Pictured are:  new sisters Susan, Neuhaus, Alexis,(duv), and Dana Joines

Sisters attended the Grant Remembrance Ceremony at the Grant Historic Site.

July, 22, 2023

IMG 9487 crop small

Sisters Sharon, Wenonah and Pat place our wreath at the ceremony conducted by SUV brother Sumner.

          IMG 9505 crop small                         

Sisters Nancy, Wenonah, Pat and Sharon tell visitors about the Daughters and invite them to join our group, after the ceremony.                                           


 Sharon gets an award

Sister Sharon gets an award for her work with the Allied Orders from the Department of Missouri.


Sisters attending our July Meeting and Initiation of our new Member

July 8, 2023

  July meeting initiation

                 July meeting initiation 2  July meeting initiation 3

After researching where our ancestors were during July of 1863 ( a very important month during the war), we placed pins showing the location of our ancestors.  Many were in St. Louis, a couple near Gettysburg, and one at Vicksburg.

 map small

Tent #16 Sisters at Department Convention in Boonville, MO

June 10, 2023

Department Convention 2023



Memorial Day at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

May 29, 2023

 Memorial day 2023

Sappington House tour followed by lunch at The Barn

May 13, 2023

daughters at Sappington House

The daughters enjoyed a tour of the Thomas Sappington house.  The Sappington's were near neighbors of the Grants in St. Louis County.

  Their home was built well before the Civil War.  Following our tour many of the Sisters enjoyed Dutch Treat lunch at The Barn also on the property.




Lincoln Death Day Springfield, IL

April 15, 2023


National President and Pat at Lincoln small

National President Lynne Gallaudet Dolan and tent President Pat Baehr with their wreaths ready to be presented at Lincoln's tomb.


April Meeting at Woodson Terrace Meeting Room

April 1, 2023

back to front of room


Front to back of room

Honoring General Sherman

March 11, 2023


DUV 8672 crop

                                                                Sister Pat Baehr speaking, sisters Sharon Michael, Patti McCelland, and Wenonah Landers

Visiting the Campbell House Museum

March 4, 2023

The sisters traveled to visit the home of Virginia Campell, friend of Julia Dent Grant.  The Campbells and the Grants were good friends and dined together often.

DUVCW ladies 2

Sisters stand on the front steps of the Campbell's home.


dining room 1

Virgina Campbell's table set for guests, but not with her best china.


Making Valentines for Veterans

February 4, 2023


 group 1


group 2


group 3






Installation of Tent Officers 2023


Installation of Tent Officers was held January 7, 2023.

 IMG 8568 web

Tent officers for 2023-2024 being installed; from left:  Pat Baehr, President & Webmaster; Charlotte Shelburne, Jr. Vice President; Charlene Konersmann, duvs Chair; Carol Herensteiner, Chaplain; Donna Sandegren,Treasurer; Wenonah Landers, Registrar & Guard; Kathy Heincker, Patriotic Instructor; Sharon Michael (hidden), Council member #1 & State Homes; Dianne Scheffing, Guide and Council Member #2; second row left side: Anna Funk, Secretary.



125th Anniversary and Recreation of the Dedication of the Cannon placed at Lafayette Square 2022

On October 30, 2022, MOLLUS provided a fine ceremony for the 125th Anniversary and Recreation of the Dedication of the Cannon placed at Lafayette Square.  The program was a replica of the program used 125 years ago.  Many of the allied orders were represented at the ceremony.

Julia Dent Grant ladies Sharon web

Julia Dent Grant Ladies   Sisters Sharon Michael, Patti McClelland, and Pat Baehr.



56th USCT Ceremony 2022

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Grant Camp presented a ceremony honoring the men of the 56th USCT near the marker honoring the same in Jefferson Barracks Cemetery on October 21, 2022.  During the ceremony the sad story of this brave unit was told as was the story of their near decimation from cholera while awaiting discharge from the service.  We met members of the families of the men who were buried there.

56 Julia Dent Grant ladies Sharon web

Julia Dent Grant ladies Sharon Michael and Pat Baehr

 IMG 8484 web

 Sharon Michaels and Pat Baehr with descendants of one of the men of the 56th buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.



Sherman Ceremony 2022

Annually the Grant Camp SUV provides a ceremony honoring General Sherman. This ceremony was held at his Grave in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO, March 13, 2022.

In 2022 Sister Joan Koechig, President of the Department of Missouri DUVCW was invited to speak.

 IMG 2537 crop web

 Sister Joan Koechig, Missouri Department President, DUVCW



IMG 2542 web

 Sister Pat Baehr, Julia Dent Grant Tent 16




Decoration Day





Decoration Day



Sweat with the Vets

Sweat with the Vets 5-K

Candy Buechler, Patricia Volkmann and Sharon Michaels






General GrantLincolns Tomb

Lincoln Tomb

Lincoln's Tomb

April 12, 2014




Sherman Day

photo 2















                                        General William T. Sherman 194th Birthday Anniversary

                                                                              Pictured left-Sharon Michael, Ruth Funck, Candy Buechler, Carey and Kaitlyn Stacy                                                                 






New Tent Charter


Chartering of the Louisa Volker Macklind Tent No. 24 in Kansas City on August 31, 2014

L-R: Pat Volkmann, Dianne Scheffing, Phyllis Freeman, Ruth Funck and Charlene Konersmann





Sharon with President Lincoln 2


Sharon Michael with President Lincoln at "Lincoln Comes to White Haven"






President Lincoln



Candy Buechler with President Lincoln at SWIC Civil War Days