Corp. William W. Hornsey

MO State Militia Calvary, Co. H, 12th Reg

MO State Militia Calvary, Co. M, 3rd Reg

William Walter Hornsey was born August 30, 1840 in Potosi, MO to Robert and Sarah Hornsey, who were recent immigrants from Lincoln, England.  There were farmers and operated a grain mill in Potosi.

From March 24, 1862 to May 7, 1865, he served with the volunteers in Missouri.  He enlisted with Co. H, 12th Regiment State Militia Calvary which was organized in Missouri at larg in December, 1861. He served as bugler private and corporal.  They participated in scouting expeditions and skirmishes throughout southeast Missouri and down into Arkansas.  Some of the engagements were at Greenvile, Van Buren, Pike Creek at Elven Points River, Pittman's Ferry, Arkansas, and Mingo Swamp.  The 12th Regiment broke up Feb 4, 1863, and he joined the newly reorganized 3rd REgiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry.  They were engaged in action against Gen. John S. Marmaduke (later to become Governor of Missouri) in the spring of 1863.  During the summer and fall, they engaged in skirmishes throughout the south and southeast of the state.  In December of 1863, they engaged Reeves at Centreville.  During 1864, action continued in the form of skirmishes in southeast Missouri, inclding a detachment to Pilot Knob in September 1864.  In October, they headed for the Kansas City area where they saw action at Independence and Leesburg.  After January 1865, they operated against the guerillas in that area.  William was discharged from service on May 7, 1865 at Macon City, MO. after completing a three year term.  He served with honor.

"Will" went back to Potosi and worked in the family mill.  He married Emily Jane Peebles on Aug 4, 1872.  To this union were born four children: May Ella, Hattie Emma, Robert Walter, and Nettie Maude.  They moved to Big River near Caledonia, MO in April, 1883 where he operated a grain mill.  Twelve years later they moved to Caledonia.  There too, he operated a mill and became Postmaster in April 1897.  He lived in Caledonia his remaining years, where he died July 28, 1916 and was buried in the Bellevue Presyterian Cemetery in Caledonia.

He was a kind and gentle man and highly regarded in the community.

Submitted by: Mrs. Wilma Hornsey Weber, granddaughter