Pvt. Almon White

Co. B-1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Almon was 48 years old when he joined the Union Army in 1862 and was the father of 11 living children. His sons and son-in-law were in the War with him. I have a copy of a poem written by his wife telling how the Rebels burned their home in the dark of night in Davies County, Missouri.  Almon died in 1864 from illnesses he caught while in the war.
In the pension record is a copy of a letter he wrote shortly before his death. It is interesting to note it only took 5 days for mail to arrive in Wales, Gallia County, Ohio from Gallatin, Missouri.

Almon wrote to his children "be kind and affectionate to each other as brothers and sisters, live in peace, do the very best you can and try and raise a good crop."  He stresses to the family not to worry about him as he is being well taken care of by his brother's wife.  He begs for news of the oats, hay, corn and weather and tells how the crops are doing in Ohio.  He asks about the "boats and how the rebels cuts up since their victory in Arkansas & I will say to one and all do your duty and all will come out rite."

I can't describe the feeling I get reading those 130-year-old words.

The many descendants of Almon are scatted far and wide; but genealogy has brought many of us together by mail and the new world of computers.  The descendants of Almon's youngest son have had an annual reunion for over 40 years.