Pvt. Benjamin Abbott Atwell

Co. B. - 1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Benjamin was born on March 12, 1836 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The family moved to Knox County, Ohio, by 1840 and in 1853 they moved to Porter County, Indiana.  Benjamin's parents William Taylor Atwell and his wife Martha (neè Quigly) raised the rest of the family in that area until their deaths in 1874 and 1901.  Some of their descendants are still there.  But Benjamin had begun a life of wandering.

He married Mary Ann White on February 17, 1861 in Harrison County, Missouri at the home of James and Sarah McVey.  Sarah was Mary's older sister.  Mary's family is on the 1860 Davies County, Missouri census but she isn't with them.  I can't find Benjamin on an 1860 census.  Family records show that Ben and Mary had two babies in Davies County. During the Civil War raiders had burned down Mary's family's home.  It must have been a difficult time for them.

After the war, the family moved to Newton County, Iowa.  I have the Bible that Ben brought there in 1869.  By 1872, the young family is in Elk County, Kansas.  Mary's sister; Lucinda and her husband, Wilson Loar, are neighbors.

Submitted by: Mrs. Muriel May Atwell Enoch, Great-granddaughter

Women - Our Civil War Heritage, Volume 4, 2007