Pvt. Wilhelm (William) Frederick Gehring

Co. G - 4th Regiment U.S.R.C. Missouri Infantry

Wilhelm Frederick Gehring was born in Prussia in 1833.

He came to the United States with his wife, Louise (nee' Niehause) and several children.  They were also expecting another child.  They arrived in late fall or early winter of 1860 and the family settled in St. Louis. Shortly after, in January 1861, their daughter, Wilhelmina was born.

This trip could not have been easy for them, but according to family lore, Wilhelm (William) was determined that his family would have all the good things the old country could not afford them, freedom most of all.

When the war broke out, he was twenty-eight years old with a growing family and a love for his new country.  He then volunteered at St. Louis and was accepted into the Union forces. He was assigned to the Meramac Bridge Post and while there he developed health problems and was sent back to civilian life with an honorable discharge.

Our elder family members told of his pride of his country and his uniform.  Even after being discharged, he would dress in uniform.  He did this until shortly before his death. 

Wilhelm died in July of 1917 at the Volunteers Home in Danville, Illinois as a result of the service related condition and is buried in the National Cemetery there.

Submitted by:  Mrs. Marcella Niehaus Behlmann - Great-great granddaughter