Sgt. Samuel Edward McMullin

Co. D (F) - 32nd Regiment Missouri Infantry Volunteers

Samuel's grandfather Samuel McMullin, settled in Jefferson County, Missouri, as early as 1820. It is known he was in the area earlier.  His wife's grandfather, Edward Butler, was in Jefferson County by 1803.  Descendants are still in Jefferson County. He was a farmer, a Justice of the Peace, the father of seven children.  I descend from the youngest.

In September of 1994, I visited the library in DeSoto, Missouri and got a copy of a diary written by Samuel during the Civil War.  It was sent to the library by another of his great-granddaughters.  You cannot imagine the thrill it was to get the diary.  The original diary is 2' x 4' and the writing is beginning to fade.  The diary's first entry tells the unit his is with in October 1862 and continued daily until it ends near Ringgold, Georgia, April 23, 1864.  Samuel doesn't describe the horrors of the war. He writes more of the weather; letters he wrote and letters he received.  He tells how many miles they marched, many times 20 miles a day.  He listened to the sermons on Sundays, had his "likeness" taken and wrote "today is the pensmans birthday".

Rations for the week were mentioned; clothing; each entry is brief, but I never received such a wonderful history lesson. 

Submitted by: Mrs. Retta M. Atwell - Great-granddaughter
Mrs. Muriel May Atwell Enoch - Great-great-granddaughter