James B. Jordan

Co. C, 30th Reg, Illinois Infantry Volunteers


James B. Jordan was born at Nashville, Illinois on January 17, 1835.  At the age of 26, he enlisted as a muscian in Captain Wilson's Co. C, 30th Illinois Infantry.  We know from his service records that he was 5' 6" tall and had light hair and hazel eyes.  He served as a musician, as did his two brothers, Horatio and Elijah.  All three brothers were married to women named Mary at the same time and since they lived near each other, this probably casued some confusion among neighbors trying to contact a specific Mary.

Another coincidence in James' life was the fact the he married three times--each time to a lady named Mary A. His second wife Mary Augusta Booth (my great-grandmother), died on the day before their first anniversary, only sixteen days after giving birth to his only child, James Edward Jordan.  James B. felt incapable of raising a yong son alone, so he gave him over to Mary's parents, Dr. David Stainrook Booth and his wife, Cynthia Mouser Grounds.  Dr. Booth, who was also a much-heralded Union Army Veteran, raised his grandson to manhood before he died shortly before James' eighteenth birthday.

The Thirtiesth Infantry was organized at Camp Butler, Illinois, August 28, 1861, Colonel P. B. Fouke, commanding.  September 1st they moved to Cairo and was assigned to McClernand's Brigade.  November 7th, he was engaged in the Battle of Belmont.  From January 10th to 22nd, he moved on a reconnoisance into Kentucky.  February 6th, he was engaged in the attack on Fort Henry.  He took part in the capture of Fort Donaldson on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of February.  He participated in the Siege of Corinth in Colonel Logan's Brigade.

Such was the courage of our ancestors who fought so gallantly to preserve our country as one nation no matter what the personal cost to them.

James' occupation was that of a sadler.  He became a member of G. A. R. Post No. 181 in Sparta, Illinois in August of 1883.

James B. Jordan passed away on January 5, 1899, in Sparta, Illinois.