Corp. Jonathan Allan Hill

M.S.M. Vol. Cav, Co. F, 2nd Reg

Jonathan A. Hill was enrolled in the Union Army as a Corporal of Company "F", Second Regiment of the Missouir State Militia Cavalry as a volunteer on February 10, 1862, fifteen days before his 23rd birthday (born on Feb 25, 1839). Jonathan served for a short time in Company "D", eleventh Regiment.  while in service, Jonathan supplied his own horse and equipment.  Around april 3, 1863, Jonathan was in the Mingo Swamp of Arkansas; during this time he was taken ill with Billious Fever which devbeloped into Chronic Rheumatism.

Jonathan was a farmer both before and after serving in the service.  He was a small man being only 5'5" tall.  In Kirksville, Missouri, on May 7, 1865, Jonathan A. Hill married Elizabeth Ellen Pitt. Their first child, William, was born in Kirksville eleven months after their marriage.

Jonathan, Elizabeth, and little will moved to Kansas in 1867 and homesteaded in Labette County located about five miles south of Mound Valley.  They received the first land title in this area.  They lived there for nine years in a sod house.  while living here they had many experiences with the Osage Indian Tribe.  While living here, Jonathan and Elizabeth had four more children.  These four girls were Rose, Amanda, Mary, and Laura.  Laura died in infancy.

In 1877, the family moved to a farm about a mile southeast of Melrose, Kansas in Cherokee County. Due to the unsettled condition of the country in the aftermath of the Civil War, Jonathan and Elizabeth (known as Lizzie) never seemed to get settled until they moved here.  AFter moving to Melrose, they had four more children.  The children were Jonathan, John, Ida, and Hattie.  Jonathan died at birth.  As a child, I used to explore the abandoned house and barn in Melrose.

It is known that Jonathan loved to dance.  He would wear his old shoes to walk to the dance and carry his good shoes in his hand.  After arriving at the dance, he would change into his good shoes.

Rose, their second child, died of the flu the same day Will, their oldest, died of a heart attack.  Jonathan died at the age of 81 on January 13, 1920 and Elizabeth died at the age of 92.  Both are buried about eight miles east of their home in Melrose. Elizabeth lived for 60 years on the homestead where she died.

I remember my Great-Aunt Hattie Hill.  She never married but she handled all her business transactions and took care of her own stock until she developed a crippling type of arthritis.  Aunt Hattie loved to recite poetry, and I remember her reciting poetry up until her death at the age of 90.  I also vaguely remember my Uncle John Hill (known as Jack).  He did not marry until he was 60 years old.

As a child, while visiting my Great-Aunt Hattie, I played several times on the same merry-go-round and see-saw as my great aunts and uncles did.  The playground equipment was at the 4-mile School in Melrose.  When the school was torn down, my grandmother (Amanda Hill's only child) purchased the equipment for her grandchildren to play on.

Submitted by : Ms. Rose Louise Seckman, great-great-granddaughter