Pvt. Daneil Hoesli

IL Vol Inf, Co. E, 82nd Reg

Daniel Hoesli enlisted in the 82nd Regiment, Co. E, Illinois Infantry on August 9, 1862 while residing in Bloomington, Illinois.  He was honorably discharged on June 9, 1865 by General Orders 77th War Department.

The Regiment was organzied on September 26, 1862 and mustered in October 23, 1862 at Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois.  It was name the Second Hecker Regiment in honor of Colonel Frederick Hecker, its first colonel and formerly of the 24th illinois Infantry Volunteers.  Like the 24th, the 82nd was almost exlusively composed of German members.  Company C of the 82nd (Concordia Guards) was an Israelitish company.  The Israelites of Chicago collecting within three days, $10,000.00 among themselves for its benifit.  Company I of the regiment was composed of Scandinavians.

On November 3, 1862, the 82nd left Camp Bulter, one thousand strong, under orders to join the Army of the Potomac.  The Regiment participated in many campaigns and one such campaign was known as the "Mud Campaign".  By the end of this campaign, the 82nd had suffered a loss of one hundred and fifty-six killed or wounded, including seven officers.  Through the war the Regiment had marched a total of two thousand five hundred and three miles and returned with only three hundred men.

Before returning to Chicago, the returning men participated in the grand review in Washington where they were mustered out on June 9, 1865.  They then returned to Camp Douglas to receive their final pay and discharge.

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