Pvt. John Schmidt

MO, Co. A, Fremont's Body Guard

John Schmidt enlisted in Co. A, Fremont's Body Guard at St. Louis on August 12, 1861 and was honorably discharged on November 30, 1861.

Fremont's Body Guard was organized in Cincinnati, Ohio and St. Louis in August of 1861.  It was attached to Headquarters Western Department and participated in Fremont's Campaign in Missouri and against Springfield from September to November, 1861.  They advanced on Springfield, Wet Glaze, and Linn Creek throughout October, 1861.  Also participated in a charge at Springfield against 2000 rebels, killing and capturing as many as the Battalion numbered.  the Battalion lost a total of 18 men while in service.  It was mustered out of service by orders of the Secretary of War on November 30, 1861.

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