Pvt. Frank Buerges (Burges)

MO Res, Co. B, St. Charles County

I never met my great-great grandfather. Until I started tracing the family tree I did not know he fought in The Civil War. I was photographing the gravestones in St. Peter’s Cemetery, St. Charles, Missouri when I noticed the Civil War Veteran’s Marker. It had to be his; he was the only one old enough to have fought in the war.

The only picture I have of him is mental…. that of a 35 year old German immigrant on horseback, probably with a big mustache. Records show he was in the Cavalry: Co. B, 1st Battalion, Missouri State Militia Cavalry. John Buerges was in Co. C. I don’t know how the two were related; perhaps someday I will find out.

Krekel’s Battalion, as the 1st was sometimes called organized in March of 1862. They were attached to the District of Central Missouri, Department of Missouri, with duty in St. Charles and County and Central Missouri operating against guerrillas. One of the histories I have read tells of skirmishes at Bob’s Creek and Big Creek in March. They served as scouts in Callaway County, Prairie Station and Portland during September and October of 1862. During this time one soldier was killed and twelve others died from disease. The battalion was broken up 11 November 1862 and Frank was discharged later that month.

 His pension record shows him in the St. Charles and Warren County Reserve for about five months prior to that. I am not sure if he was discharged from the reserve and re-enlisted or if he was transferred.