Pvt. Michael O'Day

Co. E – 15th Regiment Kentucky Infantry

Michael O'Day (Born Michael O'Dea) was born in Ireland in 1840. He emigrated to the United States and took up residence in Louisville, Kentucky. He served as a private with the 15th Kentucky Infantry Company E in the Civil War and was injured at the Battle of Perryville (also know as the Battle of Chaplain Hill in Perryville, Kentucky) in 1862. Michael's description 5'8" with a light complexion, light hair and blue eyes can be found in the book "The Battle Rages Higher: The Union's Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry" by Kirk Jenkins. Michael was discharged in 1863 as a result of his head injury and received a disability pension.

Upon returning to Louisville, he married Bridget Sheehan and fathered five children, four of whom survived to adulthood. Michael died as a result of his war injury in December 1875. He is buried in St. Louis Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky and his grave can be seen at www.fifteentkentucky.com and going to the Grave Sites Location.